Life Recipes!

(FB Post: 09/07/14)
As many of you guys know by now, I am a huge fan of the Esoteric and Spiritual Practices.

I had some interesting Meditations/Dreams last night. Lately, my dreams have been getting more intense to the point where I don’t even feel like I’ve been sleeping for several nights. Especially this weekend; I’ve been in deep thought all morning.

The Topic of Destiny/Fate/Roles has been weighing heavily on my mind. Funny how things turn out.. One could say I’m only this popular NOW because I wasn’t THAT Popular growing up, especially during my High School years. Or that I’m this strong Now because of all the darkness I’ve grown up with.

But then again… isn’t that how it usually works? Destiny?

I’ve started calling them Life Recipes; Much like real recipes: Lemon & Water & Sugar = Lemonade!

But let’s take this a step further, say you were a SOUL coming into this planet and you wanted to have certain characteristics, perhaps to achieve a certain purpose; We all know about the VEIL of Forgetfulness and how you’re born a blank slate, so what do you do? You PLAN for Certain things to happen to Achieve the desired Results. Psychology has made a fortune in defining these recipes, but most of them are still a mystery.

My Conclusion at the End of it all? EVERYTHING about me: my body, my personality, my hobbies, my strengths, my weaknesses, my experiences, my astrological sign, my gender, my sexual orientation, my fascination with Warriors & Ninjas & Superpowers, Etc.; ALL of it was PLANNED by MY SOUL for a SPECIFIC REASON.

Let that sink in.



FB Dump for June 15!

Just Saying….

I’m taking note of all the Assholes who have ruined the finale of Game of Thrones for me; Literally the day AFTER. It’s ok though…

I watched the movie “Titanic” knowing damn well the cruiseship was going to SINK; I’m not one of those people who gets all upset that someone ruined the ending for them.

I am, HOWEVER, one of those people who LOVES Balancing the scales of Karma; With that being said, If I ever hear any of the offenders make a post about something that they are dying to watch(who are usually & coincidentally the same people who ruin it for others) and I’ve already had the fortune of seeing it before them…


New kids on the block had a lot of hits; chinese food makes me sick…but I think it’s fly when a guy stops by for the summer…for the summer! Sorry kids! I’m working the evening shift and I’m running late! I’m off to make love, not war! WHOOSH!

Shyt, it’s only Wednesday!? And the award for the slowest week ever goes to… This week! ::applauses::: (O_o) Don’t look at me like that; I am not crazy! Do I look crazy? I am not crazy! You don’t know me! Where you going? I’m not finished!!

While reading Dead Until Dark, the first of the The Sookie Stackhouse novels (the one Tru Blood is BASED ON), I came across the part where Sookie asks him about the need to shave and Bill basically tells her in a nutshell that “Its a good thing I shaved the morning of or that I didn’t have the beard that was so commmon in the days or else I’d be stuck with it for eternity.”

It got me thinking; Could you imagine a vampire attacking me and me pleading with him, “NOPE! WAIT! WAIT! WAIT! Let me get a fade and a shapeup first!” Or could you imagine being bitten during the Afro Era!? LMAO. PS: that part in “interview with a vampire” where the little girl cuts her hair and it grows back = Hillarious! WHOOSH!

(Editor’s Note: It’s funny seeing the parallels between THIS particular post about vampires/immortality and the one I made directly BEFORE this dump; They do say that thoughts/ideas happen in cycles. 😉  )

Yay For Re-Runs!


Y’know how sometimes, TV Shows will air Re-Runs because there’s nothing new/recent to Air?

Hmmm…. I think I’m going to start doing THAT; With my posts from like 2011. lol I feel like… FB doesn’t deserve my new content. 😉

I mean, look at the kind of stuff that would spill out of my mind:

“Oh na na, What’s my name? (O_o)

Oh…that’s right; Marcos. Sorry, I’m still half asleep. Maybe I should stop watching Buffy the Vampire slayer before bedtime? I kept waking up at all hours of the night. One time…I even thought I saw Angel standing outside my window on the fire escape. I nearly opened the window and screamed CHANGE ME! But then the logical side of me kicked in… and I was like, “Hell no, I haven’t had a haircut in like 3 weeks; I don’t wanna look like a homeless Santa for the rest of my life.” And I went right back to bed. I’m a man of Reason & Logic.

Anywho… I’m working at the Walk In Clinic today (Baby, cause I’m a thug!) I may or may not have free time. WHOOSH!”


What RIGHT do I have to keep such nonsensical, yet entertaining gems hidden away in a vault?

Maybe I’ll start doing “FB Dumps” where I take all of the posts from the “On this DAY” feature and consolidate them into one entry? It’s not that I want to pat myself on the back, or toot my own horn (though I do enjoy both), it’s that I’d like to actually Archive a lot of my writing; As opposed to letting them fade into FB Oblivion. 😛

Stay tune!


I’ve been having these weird thoughts lately… Like, is any of this for real… Or not?

The past few weeks I’ve had a bit of a conundrum; My mind has been on overdrive lately. Thoughts & Ideas are buzzing around my head BEGGING to be expressed. Must be because we are in GEMINI SEASON….

And y’know, because I’m a Gemini. 😛

Usually, whenever I get the urge to write, FB is my Go-To outlet. It’s quick, simple and it comes pre-built with an audience.

However, the last few times I’ve pulled up FB and made an attempt to collect my thoughts, I’ve had NOTHING to say. Unusual, because I write ALL THE FRICKING TIME, I just don’t share it often. I’ve got TONS of notepads on my iphones with hundreds of Thoughts & Musings; That’ll sure come in handy when my Biography is written posthumously. I imagine it’ll be like a treasure trove. 😉

The reason I don’t like to share as much as I used to is due to the increased sensitivity that seems to pervade much of modern society nowadays… it doesn’t take much to get people Offended or their panties(yes panties) in a bunch. Ironic. The subjects that SHOULD offend(and inspire change) are carefully glossed over and/or swept under the rug, while trivial subjects that have barely ANY impact on anyone’s life get maximum airtime and coverage.

The vibe surrounding the political/government stage has been a somber one…. with hints of anger, but lacking in direction.

The topics for the past few weeks have been trivial things, like sugar-laden drinks, the “strange” weather, ROMPERS, Fidget spinners and of course, TRUMP and his asinine comment of the day, E.I.; Covfefe. Bring up institutionalized racism, and you get arguments about how it’s warranted. Got an opinion, political or otherwise? Get ready to defend it with your life… And GOD help you if you dare to critique a celebrity.

Not to mention that most of the subjects I’d like to discuss tend to fall under the New Age/Spiritual/Conspiracy/CRAZY umbrella. I am not keen in spending my time debating topics that most people have probably never given a second thought to. So here I am… blogging. Here. For the first real time in a while. And it feels GOOD. And quiet. lol

Dunno if I’ve mentioned this before, but Life has changed SO much for me the past few years; I won’t get too personal at the moment, but free TIME is one of the main perks of this new job. Much more time than I was afforded at my last job, so perhaps I’d best make use of it.

So stay tuned…I WILL be writing a lot more. Maybe even later today; But that’s just me being lofty. 😉

PS: I haven’t posted through the browser in so long, I couldn’t even remember my password. So, just to make this post, I had to generate a new password that is SO complicated, as per their specifications, that I will probably forget it entirely by my next post. 🙂


Do As I Say; Not As I Do.

Oh Look… ANOTHER hypocritical politician caught in a Scandal… what else is new?
Personally, I think anytime a Politician is extremely outspoken for or vehemently opposed to issues regarding “Morality,” we should all just assume that they are doing the complete opposite of what they are preaching.

I mean, C’MON: How many times have the biggest proponents of “conservative values” been caught doing the exact opposite?

Preserving the Sanctity of marriage? They’re usually on their 3rd marriage or have a mistress on the side.

Preaching against homosexuality? They end up being homophobes still in the closet; Usually cruising bathrooms or phone apps.

Against recreational drug use? Caught travelling with kilos of Cocaine, or a pound of MJ.

Anti-Abortion/Pro Life? Bastard children everywhere or Womb is a Haunted gravesite…

And so on and so forth. “Do as I say, not as I do.” It’s like the people who make the laws don’t think the same laws apply to them.


We need to start SCREENING these Fkers and monitoring them for as long as they hold office, because I don’t know about you… but I’m tired of being told what to do by people who either seem to work directly against the people’s interest or who have NOT A FKING CLUE as to how the average person lives or struggles just to survive. It’s ALLLL about keeping people under control.

Speak up; Rise Up.


The journey of a thousand miles begin with a single… journal entry? 

Whoa oh! I’m feeling the urge to write again! 

I took a long hiatus because I felt a tad overwhelmed, given the tumultuous circumstances surrounding life at the time…

However, I’m happy to report that things HAVE improved and the journey seems to be leading me towards exciting and wonderful experiences; More on that later… 

I just wanted to crack my knuckles with this entry. 😉

Stay tuned!

Human Hacking

I like to use “Trigger Words” or “Trigger Phases” in my writings because I like to demonstrate how easily it is to subconsciously GOAD people in certain Reactions.

It’s like… 

Y’know how sometimes, somebody will be begin to say a phrase that has been SO INGRAINED & REINFORCED through CULTURE & MEDIA that you can’t even help BUT regurgitate the rest before you know it? 

Yea. That Mechanism. Lol It’s been hijacked for the side of Good. 😉